What is DirectBooks?

  • DirectBooks was founded to optimize the communications process and workflow for the primary issuance of securities.
  • DirectBooks has launched Deal Announcement, Documentation, and Deal Update functionality globally distributed for Euro and Sterling Investment Grade issuances, along with U.S. Dollar Investment Grade issuances, offering a common set of structured deal data and document access for institutional investors.
  • Orders and Allocations communication functionality will be added, and the product set will continue to expand globally with High Yield and Emerging Markets.

Which dealers are currently participating on DirectBooks?

  • Bank of America, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Huntington, JP Morgan, Mizuho, Morgan Stanley, Rabo Securities, RBC, Scotiabank, SMBC and Wells Fargo.
  • We are actively working with additional dealers to onboard in 2021.

Who can use DirectBooks?

  • Institutional investors and underwriters involved in the primary issuance process who satisfy legal and regulatory criteria applicable to their roles in the offering process.

What are the methods for accessing DirectBooks?

  • Web access
  • API connection
  • Third-party Order Management Systems (OMS) connectivity

Are DirectBooks' fees charged to Institutional Investors and Underwriters?

  • Only underwriters pay core service fees – it is free to institutional investors.

How can Institutional Investors get started?

  • Contact DirectBooks at to learn more about the offering and get a demonstration.

How does DirectBooks benefit users?

  • Structured data and streamlined communications, with a single communications stream for a transaction, increase the accuracy of deal workflow information.
  • Enhanced transaction detail and standardized deal stages allow for comparison across deals through DirectBooks’ innovative digital platform and for delivery of issue information to investors across the globe on a simultaneous basis.
  • Activity records help simplify retention and compliance.
  • Efficient and accurate dissemination of information allows investors to focus on the investment process rather than on information processing.
  • High-volume data capacity and a secure cloud-based environment provide for efficient communications and resiliency.