Streamlining the new issue process allows focus to shift to analysis enabling better investment decisions. 

There is a need for the primary market issuance workflows to be made more efficient.

DirectBooks’ standardized workflows provide timely access to deal information in one central hub thereby transforming the primary issuance marketplace. 

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Challenges and inefficiencies of traditional new issuance workflows:

  • lack of structure/unformatted
  • mostly manual 

  • duplication 

  • risk of transcription errors

  • time consuming

  • inconsistencies

  • inability to easily aggregate and share information


Work Desk


Simplifying the process and streamlining the communications workflow:

  • digitizing the process

  • structured data

  • standard formats

  • single source of truth

  • consistent data quality

  • timely delivery 

  • single aggregated view of the market